Imedia Nigeria

I-Media Mega Communication Services is a media and da’awah support service company with special focus on using media tools to build capacity and empower of Muslims, especially kids and youths.




To be the most reliable Islamic Media house in Africa


To be the most reliable Islamic Media house in Africa


Our goal as an organisation is “to become Africa’s most reliable Islamic media house’. This is our bond and we shall apply our collective talents to ensure that we give the Muslim Ummah the media platform and voice it urgently desires. We shall constantly challenge our staff and management with a view to creating new values for all our clients and stakeholders


• Excellence * Customer-centric * Ethical Approach *Trust *Integrity *Teamwork *Innovation

1. Build human and material capacities to produce world class media content.
2- Establish I-Media brand and followership across the country.
3. Produce programme for broadcast on Television, Radio and the internet.
4. Establish satellite TV channels to cater for Muslim Family education and entertainment.
5. Build a self-sustaining and profitable business that gives value to stakeholders.

Our Strength

Our Strength
  • We are based in the Federal Capital with tentacles across the country
  • We have tested and experienced hands guided by Islamic values
  • We have a young, vibrant and superbly motivated team
  • We have built an impressive network in various segments of the society
  • Management Team and Board members are highly diversified
  • Our growth potential is high with positive brand image
  • We are working in a highly under-tapped market

Facilities and Equipments


1. Head office at An-Nur Masjid Complex (ICICE)
2.  Training studio and classrooms set up at An Nur Masjid (ICICE)
3. Modern Computer Facility for Media production and IT training
4. Cutting edge cameras, Light equipment, HQ microphones