10yrs old give sermon at Gwagwalada




Last Saturday was a weekend of reckon especially by the people of Gwagwalada in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja seeing under ten age children addressing congregation with touching sermons.  The programme was held at the Mini Campus of the University of Abuja, Gwagwalada under the watch of Gwagwalada Muslim Community (GMC) in partnership with the Muslim Children Network (MCN), a project of I-Media Communication, Abuja.  

The event, according to the organizer was targeted at promoting children In Dawah to build a solid foundation upon which Islam can stand on. Some parents were taken aback viewing children of under ten age delivering sermon, not ordinary sermon but a touching one that inspired the fear of God.

Parents could not hold their emotion when a-six-year hold boy, Umaman AbdulAzeez who spoke on Ibadah charged people to fear Allah and be generous. He claimed that the ultimate faith is the fear of Allah that must be supported with other acts of worship. “All our Ibadah must be for Allah alone. God created us for the purpose of worshipping him. Let us fear God and worship him” he said.

Zainab AbdulMumin admonished people to be generous, imbibe the attitude of passing knowledge to others and try to build a happy family to produce religious children. She made this admonition while speaking on the topic “Punishment in the Grave”. According to her, these three things will be left behind after death and are good source of eternal reward ofr the deceased. There are many punishments in the grave for the act of disobedience. She however called on people to fervently reciting Quran as it will appease the likely grave punishment. The grave is a garden for the believers.

Sumaya Mohammed Aliyu, a seven years old boy who spoke on gratitude to God beseeched Muslims to abstain from   any act that depicts ungrateful to God. According to him, the speech you made, the eyes with which you see and the ear you hear with were all giving without paying. What are you giving to pay back? He asked.

One of the tutors, Bashirat Bintu Mohammed Jamiu said she felt the need to catch children in young age to engage in Dawah activities with the accompanied encouragement to implement whatever they are saying. We discovered we have been disunited and there is a dare need to bring us together especially the children at early age.

Azia Bintu Zufmomon (Ummu Sumayya) disclosed their  readiness to train and develop children in Dawah activities. She recounted the challenge of managing official time with Dawah training. “We devise a means of creating time to train them. Sometimes, we fix date for rehearsals to manage time and resources together. Getting them concentrated is not easy. Some parents were not encouraging as they feel reluctant to release their children” she said.

One of the participating children, Mallam Yusuf Muhammed Baba expressed happiness with the impressive turn out of the people. He said the programme is not only educative but also entertaining. The Islamic and modern Knowledge need to be integrated as it was contained in the event to prepare children for tomorrow.. He prayed for the sustainability of the programme urged the parent to give them support.