Treasury Looters: It is “unislamic” for Buhari to pardon them - Ustadh Nurudeen Abdulmalik, Dr. Adesina



Treasury Looters: It is “unislamic” for Buhari to pardon them - Ustadh Nurudeen Abdulmalik, Dr. Adesina


Last Friday was a historical day as Nigeria’s new president was sworn-in. The venue of the swearing-in ceremony, Eagle Square, Abuja was filled to the brim as scores of foreign leaders and all former presidents of Nigeria graced the event.


A section of Mohammed Buhari`s speech was perceived to be a relief dose for some former leaders when he declared that there will be no paying off old scores.


“A few people have privately voiced fears that on coming back to office, I shall go after them. These fears are groundless. There will be no paying back old scores. The past is prologue” he said.


However, a cross section of religious faulted this position. A scholar, Mallam Nurudeen AbdulMalik in his reaction said Allah enjoined the return of all trust returned to their rightful owner


“All trust must be returned to their rightful owner. You cannot forgive on behalf of people because it belongs to the people. People should learn from this by abstain from corruption as change can come any time”, the scholar argued.


Another Abuja-based teacher, Dr. Adesina Nurudeen also disclosed that accountability and justice should be the tools of every Muslim in leadership.


“If anybody is found wanting, a Muslim leader should find a way of retrieving those ill-gotten materials from the person. Islamically, the stand of Mr. President is discouraged. Perhaps he might have reasons for doing so but his position is un-Islamic.’’


It could be recalled that former president Jonathan had during his farewell valedictory service advised President Buhari to extend his probe beyond his regime. He equally charged all his ministers to be ready for persecution.