Imam advocates good governance



Nigeria leaders have been advised to set good examples by their own
work and sacrifice for followers to emulate them, trust their decisions and make
greater sacrifice. This admonition was contained in a sermon delivered
last Friday by the Imam of An-Noor Mosque, Wuze 11, Abuja, Imam
Abdallah Ahmad.

Quoting from Quran 3 verse 26 which reads, Say (O Muhammad SAW): “O Allah! Possessor of the kingdom, you give the kingdom to whom you will, and you take the kingdom from whom you will, and you endue with honour whom you will,
and you humiliate whom you will. In your Hand is the good. Verily, you
are able to do all things” Qur`an 3:26.

He also cited an Hadit which says, “the best of your leaders are those whom
you love and who love you, who invoke God`s blessings upon you and you
invoke his blessings upon them. And the worst of your leaders are
those whom you hate and who hate you and whom you hate and who curse

He urged followers to also help  their leaders by obeying them except when the  leaders enjoin disobedience to God, encouraging their leaders to be good fearing, tolerant, trustworthy, consult, accountable and intimately dependent on God.

Imam Abdallah beseeched God ‘’to grant and bestow us with good leaders,
provide our leaders with good aids, assistants and inner circles.’’