Welcoming a new child into the world  



The safe delivery of a child into this world ushers in a new era for the concerned parents irrespective of their age, nationality, social and economic status. No parent on earth can quantify the joy and happiness they feel when their child is born. Imagine a human being that is comprised of half of you and half of your spouse, the symbol of the love you both share.  Automatically our bodies are wired to take upon the responsibility of this precious bundle of joy that the Almighty Allah has blessed us with. We swear silently to shield this precious little human from the danger of this world and only show the beauty of the world.


The perfect entry into the world befitting for your prince or princess has been clearly laid down by the beauty religion of Islam.  In his book “Tarbiyyatul Aulad Fil Islam” (Child Education In Islam) well known Islamic scholar Abdullah Nasih Ulwan describes the proper way of handling the birth of a new born in Islam using verses from the Holy Quran and Hadiths to drive points. Below are the general rules concerning the Newborn baby:

1.      Saying the Adhan on the right ear and the iqamah on the left ear of the baby. As related by Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi that Abu Rafi Said “I saw the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) saying the adhan in Al Hassan  Ibn Ali’s ear when  Fatimah gave birth to him. They serve as an instruction to him as he starts his life and other theory is that he is been called into the religion of Islam before Satan calls him into his own path. 

2.      Performing ‘Taknik” for the baby.  “Taknik ‘simply means chewing a date fruit and then rubbing the newborns mouth with some of the date and using your fingertip to insert the date into the baby’s mouth. You move the date gently from the right of the baby’s mouth to the left side. In the absence of a date, any sweet food would do. It is recommended that a pious man do the taknik.

3.      Shaving of the baby’s hair. It is recommended that on the seventh day after the birth of the newborn for the baby’s head to be shaved and the hair be measured and the weight should be given in gold or silver to the needy.


4.      Aqiqah should be performed for every child. Aqiqah means the animal that is slaughtered when a child is been named.  The prophet (S.A.W) says in a hadith that for a male child two aqiqahs should be slaughtered to name him and for a female one would suffice for her.


5.      Name newborn with beautiful and meaningful names. Parents will be held accountable for the type of names they give their children. They must take care not to name their children ugly names that might cause people to make fun of them, names that are Allah’s attributes without attaching the prefix ‘Abdul” , The most beloved names to  Almighty Allah is Abdullah and Abdur Rahman,


These are the main steps to take when a new child is born to the Muslim community. With all that is going on around us it makes absolute sense for us to follow the commandments of almighty Allah and the teachings of the Holy prophet. For a detailed description on the upbringing of an upright Muslim children I would recommend that parents read the book Tarbiyyatul Aulad fil Islam by  Abdullah Nasih Alwan.



May Almighty Allah bless us with obedient and devoted Muslim children, Amin