Muslims urged to focus on righteous deeds




By Ibraheem Alli

Worried about the forgetful nature of man about the Day of Judgment, a Niger state based Islamic scholar, Mallam Ali Sulaiman, has admonished Muslims to refocus energy on perfuming righteous deeds in preparation for the last day.

He made this admonition on Monday while speaking at the Tafsir of Suratul Zalzala at a pre-Ramadan lecture organized by the Movement for Islamic Culture and Awareness (MICA), Abuja chapter.

Mallam Sulaiman said, ‘’the earth will give it news and the news is the testimonies of those things we have done on earth. People will be judged neither according to lineage nor status but according to what they have done on earth.

“It is that day that the earth will give it news. The news will be testimonies of our action in life. Such actions will either testify for or against us on the day of resurrection just as our tongues, limps, hands, legs will do”

According to him, people will be divided into various groups that day. He clarified that ‘’the right group are the forgiven ones most especially the volunteers who are devoted to the full course of Allah`s command, such are the blessed and will receive their book with right hands. The perished are those who will receive it by left hands. He therefore charged Muslims to multiply their good deeds to be among the right people.’’

“Volunteers have special place on the day of judgment. Whoever receives his book with right hand are the blessed ones. Those who receive it with left will be chained and thrown in the hell fire as punishment of the bad they have done”

He however warned the disbelievers of the authenticity of the last day as cited in the holy Quran.

 Q 99: 6, “that day mankind will proceed in scattered groups and they will be shown their deed”.

He advised them not to belittle any good deed neither any evil with reference to two Hadiths of Prophet Mohammed. The nature of your action will determine the nature of your reward.

It is narrated in an authentic Hadith that:

 A woman earned entry into hell fire as a result of a cat that she kept imprisoned/ confined until its death; she neither fed it nor allowed it to go out and feed from the vermins of the earth (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Also, in Sahih Muslim it was narrated that:

 An unchaste woman saw a dog, in a very hot sunny day, going round a well, its tongue sticking out due to thirst. She removed her leather shoe, fetched water from the well and gave to the dog to drink and was forgiven (by Allah due to that singular act of compassion

Speaking on the lessons inherent in Suratul Zalzala, he affirmed the fact that God controls everything and make thing happens the way he want. Don`t belittle any good action even if it is giving half of date. No matter how little evil is, avoid it.

He advised Muslims to always remember the purpose of creation with cognizance of that day we shall appear before Allah to give accounts.