School condemns violence against children, women




Considering the proliferation of violence in the global community, the Executive Director of Nurul-Bayan International Academy, Abuja, Hajia Mariam Thahanm, has organized a special programme to mark this year`s International Day of Innocent Victim Children of Aggression to protect the rights of children and women.

While observing the morning rally, a peaceful protest against violence, Hajia Mariam Thahanm said the aim of the protest was to voice out their stand as Muslims against all anomalies that have characterized global community. She lamented the rampancy of rape, kidnapping, sexual exploitation and corruption in our society, pointing out that these vices must be checkmated.

“We are rejecting any form of violence. Children and women are to be protected.  Allah gave them that protection which man is violating. Islam created them free. Free mind, free soul and free body that must not be violated without the permission of Allah”.

She further challenged politicians and leaders to be agents of peace both in word and action.

“ We need peace. Islam gave us peace. Peace is not just a word to be chanted. We demand for it from our leaders, politicians, our fathers and everybody.  They must give us peace”.

According to her, the school will not relent in protecting the rights of children and women by preaching against violence in our community.

The principal of the school, Mr. Adunfe Taofeeq Atilola in his remarks said the programme was aimed at creating awareness to the whole world on the need to promote peace. He lamented the upsurge in violence that has characterized the modern world with serious effects on children.

“It is saddening seeing the innocent children at the receiving end of all the troubles ranging from domestic to international crisis and war”.

Mr. Taofeeq advised the world leaders to have a pride of place for children in implementing any policy.

“Our leaders and everyone in the position of authority has to bear in mind that whatever they do have a kind of aftermath effect on the children and they have to think twice before they create any problem”  

A student of the school, Muhammed Fatimoh said she was happy to be among the lucky few who find it expedient to safeguard the rights of children and preach peace in our society.