Green Daawah - A New Dimension to Outreach



Engr. Jibril Ibrahim led the Movement for Islamic Culture and Awareness, Abuja Chapter in a visit to the Iddo community to a distant area at outskirt Abuja on 25th October 2015. The visit focused on creating awareness about Islam as a religion of peace, a unity message and the message of helping each other as well as the community at large. The Chief Imam of the Iddo community was present, and so were other Imams.

The purpose of the visit was to do four activities. One task was to recognize three or four health workers for their medical service to the community and the second one was to interact with the Iddo community members while spreading the message of Islam to them. The third activity would involve a visit to three Masajids (Mosques) by both MICA and the community members. While at the mosques, they would clean the mosque and its environs. The final task would be a talk on agriculture and the basics of Islam. For the activities to run smoothly, the Imams were to pick Da'awah guides to act as escorts.

During the visit, the Chief Imam of the community expressed his gratitude to MICA for paying a visit, and he prayed that Allah may reward them abundantly. He also articulated the need to boost the spirit of the farmers since agriculture is the basic means of survival in the community. Another challenge the Imam pointed out was the need for medical aid. He urgently appealed to MICA to offer solutions to the current poor health issues such as Ulcers and eye problems. The Imam added that Islam has existed in the Iddo community for more than 50 years, but there are some challenges they face. The major problem affecting their mode of worship is the lack of Masjid and deficiency in schools. He also added it is difficult to inculcate the Islam knowledge in their children since they do not have an Islamia to educate them. The Imam said they would be honored if they were provided with an Islamia to teach the entire community.

The former Amir of MICA Abuja, Engr. Babatunde Olukoya also addressed the community and added that apart from spreading the Islam message, they were also there to offer medical help to people in the community who suffer from health problems but have not been able to visit a doctor. There were in the company of qualified doctors, dentists and nurses. Eng. Jibril and Mallam also added that the visit to the Iddo community respected both the Muslims and the non-Muslims as all are free to bring their loved ones for free medical assistance.

Dr. Abdurraheem Quadri pointed out that the rampant health issues in the Iddo community are Malaria, back pain and high blood pressure among the elderly. He also mentioned that eye problems are also common both among the elderly and the young. He suggested that there was need for awareness on how to eliminate Malaria and to take adequate steps to ensure that the cases of low back pain decrease. He stated that an efficient primary health care facility would help reduce Malaria as wells as help to identify individuals with high blood pressure. Community extensions workers would also aid in directing people who have optimal issues to the proper medical service.

One of the MICA members pointed out that the essential cleanliness strategies for the mosques are removing cobwebs from the ceiling, cleaning the walls, dusting clocks and the Quran, sweeping floors and washing the drums and kettles to stop spirogyras from dwelling in them. The member also added that the mosque environment and the toilets ought to be regularly maintained.

Finally, Engr. Jibril stated that the Iddo community is ready for growth and development. He also acknowledged that during the next visit, MICA would hopefully encourage more financial empowerment, agricultural aid and investment. Engr. Olukoya and Engr. Jibril also persuaded the Muslims to be better Islam practitioners and to be good to the Ummah to promote the spread of Islam positively. The community members thanked MICA for their effort. Eng. Jibril appraised the hospitality of the Iddo community and prayed that Allah would reward everybody in the congregation.